The Gordon Heights Archives

Welcome to the Gordon Heights Archives. In these web pages you will be able to view and listen to information about the early years of Gordon Heights. Through the ambitious efforts of its residents, electricity, telephone, paved roads, fire protection, credit union and educational services were provided within the first thirty five years of the community.

The Gordon Heights Bulletins on display here were published by developer Louis Fife and were used as a news letter and advertisement for the community. Now many years later these bulletins serve as historical journals and come from the Tyrell S. Wilson Sr. family library collection.

The education of our Gordon Heights youth has always been a high priority. Many have become successful professionals in education, engineering, sales, fashion, marketing, banking, communications, architecture, social services, healthcare, law enforcement, and the construction trades.

The audio interviews on this website, provide us with personal testimonies of what life was like in Gordon Heights from the 1920's, to the 1950's. They were recorded by me in the mid and late 1970's. They are to be used for educational purposes only and can not be copied, sold or used in any commercial presentations. Many thanks to the families who have provided information documenting the early years of Gordon Heights. I hope you find this archive to be an interesting historical experience.

Russell G. Wilson